What You Need to Know About Herbal Pillows

The concept of herbal pillows existed since the olden days as the fragrance of herbs was captured in pillows and sweet bags for the purpose of purifying and scenting the home. For many ages, herbal pillows are known as the best aids for good health, as dream makers, beauty treatments, and as just about anything that you can think of.

Herbal pillows were renowned by European mothers who are concerned to entice their babies into a restful sleep, and by those who are looking for some relief from the onset of depression and headache, and by those loners who longed to find true love. The aromatic herbs were then sewn into pillows and placed at the head of the bed or even between the lines. Their smell would then be carried from where there is an open doorway or windows where they were usually hung.

In the medieval era, herbal pillows as well as some sachets were basically more than fanciful decorations. They are considered as somewhat a necessity that herbal pillows are developed to prevent the consequences brought by the poor sanitary conditions of that time.

Herbal pillows are greatly prepared by the lady of the house. There were times that they designed small pillows of fragrant herbs to scent their linen and fine article of clothing. They even placed it near their heads upon sleeping to protect from nightmares and assure a good night sleep. But today, herbal pillows are just but neglected as sleeping aids.

There are so many effective herbs to use in pillows. One of those is agrimony. This is in fact a well-known herb since it was though to be soporific or sleep-inducing. The dew collected from the leaves of the mantle (alchemilla vulgarus) is also known as one of the great sleeping aids, and so it was administered by means of sprinkling on the bed linens.

Essentially, herbal pillows are designed by means of sewing the dried herbs into a square of bag or cloth. However, it should be sewed with a fixative since, without it, their fragrance is short-lived. Fixatives in the herbal pillows are essential for preserving and enhancing the fragrant combination of herbs that are applied in making potpourri, which is the base stuff for designing herbal pillows.

And speaking of fixatives used for herbal pillows, the orris root and benzoin are among the suitable plant fixatives that are widely available anywhere in the world. In particular, the orris root is derived by means of sun-drying as well as by peeling the fresh root of an herb known as Iris florentina. Once the root is dried, it is then stored for two years to produce a delectable violet scent.

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