The Best Autism Treatment Options

Some of the best autism treatment options don’t always involve conventional practices to treat the autistic.

Nutritional Therapies

Research attributes low levels of vitamins and minerals, like calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, and chromium, as the main cause of autism in children.

Autistic children show signs of marginal improvement when treated with multivitamin/ mineral supplements. 

Supplements introduced into the diet of autism-affected children contributes to improvement in early neurological development. 

Scholastic test scores improve as well.

best autism treatment options

Nutritional supplement treatment, when given to autistic children, improves their ability to learn. 

After these children received supplement therapy cognitive ability and academic achievement improved significantly. 

Their behavior also improved. 

Autistic children received Vitamin-B6, Vitamin-C, Magnesium, Niacin, and dimethylglycine supplements.  Follow-up research gathered positive feedback from these parents, in most cases.

Innovative and Alternative Therapies for the Treatment Of Autism

Therapy using innovative oral secretin is a useful and proven treatment, too.

Secretin administered three times a day with supportive vitamin therapy provides numerous improvements in autistic children.  Most patients reported they noticed a change in behavior within the first three days, along with improvements in their social skills.

The overall cost of secretin continued for the recommended two days, may run $60.  Following the recommended vitamin supplement regimen for as long as possible is essential.

Other possible innovative treatments for autism lie in stem cell therapy, taken from one’s own bone marrow cells. 

Live cell therapy (live cells extracted from the animal being administered to the patients) is another.

Additionally, ingesting oral organ extracts is another emerging treatment. This involves the administration of gut cells or brain cells for maximum effect in children affected with autism. 

Finally, autism sufferers receive Lyophilisate extracts (Lyophilisate whole cells from Cytobiopharmica) to treat this condition as another treatment under research.

The use of the antibiotic, vancomycin, is currently undergoing extensive studies. 

Metronidazole, an anti-protozoan drug, also holds hope in treating autism. This drug, absorbed in the intestine, prevents diarrhea; one of autism’s most reported symptoms

best autism treatment options

Naltrexone, a modern medicine, plays an important role in autism treatments.  Naltrexone blocks endorphins and produces an anesthetic like feeling. Use of Naltrexone for the autistic individual provides renowned benefits. 

Noted improvements result; such as increased eye contact, normalized pain sensitivity, general happiness, and reduced stereotypical self-injury behaviors.

Appetite also improves after undergoing treatment with Naltrexone.

Ongoing studies on the side effects of Naltrexone on autism patients so far show side effects are rare to non-existent.

Always consult your primary care physician for further advice on the latest autism treatments.

best autism treatment options

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