Quality Faux Fur Coats Out in the Market Today

Do you love fur coats but don’t want to feel guilty about wearing a killed animal’s fur? Well, as ‘man’ always finds solutions even to the most complicated problems, faux fur coats have been the answer to the fur lover’s desires of wearing a fur coat but not being haunted by the feeling of a dead animal’s skin around them.

Faux fur coats though not really comparable to real fur coats, include many characteristics similar to natural furs. Depending on the manufacturer, most of these manufactured faux fur coats are also made of guard hairs that are enhanced to look, feel, and provide realism to fur products. They also vary in styles, colors, and that same look as mink fur coats, leopard fur coats, beaver fur coats, and many more. Not only do faux fur coats give lots of similarities to real fur coats, but they also do the job of keeping you warm, giving you that fashionable look with guilt-free feelings, and best of all they’re way more affordable than real fur coats.

Here are some quality faux fur coats out in the market today:

Faux Fur Coats by Silk & Sable

Sable Mink Coat

This faux fur coat is a gorgeous Sable Pelted Mink with an authentic look. It has a notched collar that adds a tailored elegant look. The fabric is extremely soft, wonderfully warm, and very plush. It is designed with roll-up cuffs to fit different arm lengths and also has a button-up collar that keeps the neck warm on the coldest days.

Black Persian Lamb with Matching Headband

This faux fur coat is simple yet dramatic. The gorgeous Black Persian Lamb is accented with a luxurious black mink shawl collar, trim, and cuffs. It is extremely soft and lightweight and is designed with roll-up cuffs to fit different arm lengths. It is suitable for a perfect day or an evening coat.

Finland Raccoon

This faux fur coat is marvelous and fluffy with specially designed longer-haired fur. This coat is Black Tipped Raccoon and is styled with an upscale shawl collar.

Luxurious Lynx with Matching Headband

This faux fur coat is definitely luxurious and elegant with a wonderful mid-length zip front coat and designed with two slash pockets and a stand-up collar.

Faux Shearling Coat

This faux fur coat is warm and fashionable with soft faux and is perfectly styled. It is designed with faux fur on the inside for warmth; it has turned-back cuffs and nice deep pockets for comfort. It comes in gorgeous caramel color with four-button closure.

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