Hospitality And Tourism: Are You Fit For The Job

Having a job in hospitality and tourism is a very rewarding position, not only financially but also personally. Not only do you get to have a fairly above-average salary, but you also get to help people and provide your services so that others can have a pleasing vacation or accommodation experience.

Getting a position in this field is not as hard as rocket science. It is not as easy as 1-2-3 either. It would require a lot of effort that comes from the heart, if not, a plastered smile on your face would do. So, do you think you’re fit for something like this? Well, here are some of the things you should think about to help you decide on whether you’re fit for the job or not.

Are You A People Lover?

One requirement for you to work in this kind of career path is that you should be a people lover. If you are not one, then you should at least love to be where the people are. Remember, most of the positions in this field would involve facing people and attending to their needs. If you are scared of the crowd or even facing one random stranger, then you would definitely have a rough path ahead of you.

However, there are positions in which you are not required to directly face people. Nevertheless, if you have this kind of position, you should still keep in mind that the service you are doing is for your customer’s satisfaction.

Can You Stand Being Away From Home?

If you really want to earn big in this field, then you should aim for international companies. However, if you do, this would most likely entail you doing some traveling. Working on a cruise ship is one of the most yearned for the dream of most hospitality workers. This is because having a position like that is considered to be the most comfortable job that you can get.

The catch however is that you would have to travel. At first, this is very exciting. It would remain exciting if you are up to it. But, if you are the type of person that can not stand being away from home for a very long time, then a hospitality career may not really be the thing for you. This also applies if you would be working for airlines and other tourism companies.

Can You Adjust Physically And Mentally?

Another important factor would be the work schedule. It is vital that you are able to adjust both physically and mentally to the differing working schedules given to you. Most establishments you would be working in are open 24 hours a day. This simply means that there is a big probability that you would be assigned to work in the graveyard shift.

Not to mention that you should also be ready to work during the holidays. Remember, it is during holidays that hotels, resorts, casinos, and restaurants are full of people. For sure, management would require you to work during these days of the year, since this is when business is booming.

This is most especially true during important holidays such as Christmas. So, think it over if you can bear spending Christmas at work rather than being with your family or loved ones.

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