Golf Jobs: What a Great Life

So you love the game of golf. The idea of spending all of your time on the greens is your idea of paradise on earth. Perhaps all of those Saturdays playing your favorite game aren’t enough anymore. For people with this deep love of the game, considering a career in the golf industry may be a perfect fit. Like any other sports industry, golf jobs run the gauntlet from caddy to CEO of major companies.

Many people, such as students and retirees, have found ways to use their passion to their benefit. Some work as caddies or groundskeepers to receive paychecks and possibly the perk benefit of reduced or free golf time. These golf jobs work well for individuals who need to have flexible schedules to fit around classes, another full-time job, or to leave time to enjoy retirement. Choosing to work at the local golf course or driving range is an excellent way to combine a favorite hobby with a paycheck.

Sporting goods stores are another great place to combine the love of money with the love of golf. Especially during the holidays and peak golf times, these stores are more than happy to have knowledgeable people ready to assist their golf challenged clients. Besides the paycheck, another benefit could be employee discounts of merchandise that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to afford. Of course, on the other hand, an awesome golf job would be to own your own golf store. However, the area you live in must be suitable for a profitable establishment if you choose to own your own store. Some fringe benefits of this golf job are having the opportunity to choose specific products and meet a lot of other people who live, breathe, eat, and sleep golf too.

For the outgoing type of golf lover, a career in sales may be the way to go. Whether you decide to go to work for your local golfing store selling directly to the public or apply with one of the larger manufacturers and distributors of golfing equipment and sell to stores, this golf job would offer the same benefits as sales positions in other industries. Competitive wages, health benefits, 401K, you know, all of that important stuff. Who knows where networking within the job may lead? Perk benefits like free golf time, free or discounted golf equipment, and possibly meeting some pros of the game are all possible. Merging your knowledge of golf with a golf job is a great method for thriving in your job and making ends meet at the same time.

Another often overlooked golf job that may be suitable, especially for the literary gifted, would be a sports writer. There are a huge number of websites geared toward sports and specifically golf on the Internet. Those great articles come from writers. If you think you have the right stuff for golf writing, contact the editor or webmaster and pitch your ideas. You never know how things like that will turn out and you may end up with a unique, golf job that fits perfectly within your schedule. While the Internet is probably the fastest means to a golf writing job, don’t forget about the more traditional magazine publications. You will just need to check out their submission guidelines in the magazine itself, on their website, or by letter to find out the editor’s name and submission preferences. Writing about your favorite sport would help keep you current on all the latest golfing news and be a fun golf job.

Golf jobs are out there if you keep your eyes and imagination open. Whether you choose to work on the course itself or from the comfort of your home writing great golf content, it is possible to use your passion as a means of income.

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