Burning Your Fat Better: A Fitness Guide

To lose belly fat is actually very simple if you understand how the body works. Let me show you what I mean.

You see, as I learned many years ago, the metabolism in the body is based on a basic law of physics, called The Metabolic Rate Law. This law states that the body’s metabolism is always trying to burn stored fat. However, there are factors that limit the body’s ability to do this effectively. Some of these are:

First, if you eat more calories than your body can use up in a day, your body will start storing some of them as fat. Most people think this only happens if you eat more than you need. That’s completely wrong. It happens whether you eat more or less.

Second, when calorie levels are high (which most people do), the metabolism is also high. So, this means that it has to produce more calories to process the calories. You see, each calorie of food that you take in has the potential to be turned into two calories of fat.

Third, the more fuel you have burning for your metabolism, the more calories your body needs to process. Just to make sure you don’t forget this, take a look at a paperweight. How many calories does it contain? If you multiply it by the amount of paper used (the metabolic rate) the answer should be close to the number of calories you actually need to eat.

Now you see, each calorie from your food has the potential to be turned into two calories of fat, and the higher your metabolism, the more fat it burns to turn the energy into those two calories. So, losing belly fat becomes quite simple, especially if you follow my simple advice.

Eat fewer calories (and less fat), and your metabolism will be low enough that it can efficiently burn the stored fat.

Remember, your metabolism is low if you are eating more calories than your body needs. This will help you lose belly fat easier than if you are eating more. Especially if you are following a low-calorie diet.

In order to control your metabolism, you must be eating fewer calories than you need, but your metabolism must be high enough to burn those calories off. You can do this by following a diet that focuses on low calories and also getting exercise every day.

The trick here is to control your exercise and use your metabolism, and these two things will help you lose belly fat. Your body will try to use the calories to turn the fat into energy, but you can use your metabolism to burn off the fat, and when your metabolism is high enough, you can burn the fat off too.

Your metabolism is high enough to burn fat because your metabolism is low enough. I hope you will follow this and lose belly fat.

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