December 9, 2022

Meditation is a form of relaxation that can be used to focus, connect with oneself, and achieve a sense of peace and wellbeing. It has been found to be beneficial for physical and emotional health and can help to improve cognitive function and decrease anxiety and stress.

What are the 7 types of meditation?

 Zen meditation

Zen meditation is a form of meditation that focuses on calming the mind and focusing on one’s breath. It is a form of meditation that is often used to relieve stress and achieve a meditative state.

 Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is an approach to meditation that emphasizes focus on the present moment and allows for thoughts and feelings to be experienced without judgment. Practitioners often focus on body awareness, breath control, and reflective thought. The practice has been shown to improve physical and mental health and can be used as an adjunct to therapy or treatment.

Transcendental Meditation

Transcendental Meditation (TM) is a practice that involves sitting comfortably with the eyes closed and focusing on a mantra or phrase. TM has been shown to be effective in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep quality, and reducing negative thinking.

Breath awareness meditation

Breath awareness meditation is a form of mindfulness meditation that helps people to focus on their breaths and to live in the present. Practitioners focus on the sensation of the breath as it enters and leaves their bodies, and on the thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise as a result. By paying attention to their breath, practitioners can become more aware of their emotions and senses and can learn to live in the present more fully.

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a yogic practice that involves the activation of the Kundalini energy. This energy is said to be dormant at the base of the spine and can be awakened through various practices, such as Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini Yoga can help to increase energy and focus and is often used in combination with other yogic practices to help achieve long-term benefits.

 Body scan or progressive relaxation

A body scan is a relaxation technique that uses deep breathing and body scans to help people calm down. Progressive relaxation is a type of relaxation technique that helps people focus and relax their muscles one by one.

 Loving-kindness meditation

Loving-kindness meditation, or Metta or Nipuna mindfulness, is a form of contemplative spiritual practice that cultivates feelings of loving-kindness and goodwill towards all beings.




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